Frequently Asked Questions


How can I recommend content to RINF TV?

Send the information here or upload the video yourself here

I have Flash installed and the video still will not play?

Occasionally some problems do occur with buffering and streaming, try refreshing the page and/or clearing your browser cache. Sometimes YouTube gives an error, but the video will still play if you just skip the timeline on a touch.  If still no joy then perhaps the video has been removed, search for it and you're bound to find it elsewhere.

How do I play the files that I download?

You need to use a video player like VLC Player

How do I use RSS?

You need to have either a browser which incorporates an RSS viewer or a stand alone RSS reader. Copy and paste the xml data into your RSS platform

I own the copyright to a video you are showing and I want it removed

from your site, what do I do?

Times are moving quickly and many of the videos are embedded from sources unknown to us. We do not always check whether the account owners have permission to host the source videos. A link to where the full quality version can be purchased is shown on the same page if available. If the website link provided is not up to date, or you want the video to be removed then use the contact form. Peace.